Smart Transport Sustainability in the Daily Life

   European Center for Social Responsibility ( together with partners: IoT Nederland, Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA Romania), Constanta Maritime University (Romania), TECHNIUM Social Sciences Journal, European Japan Experts Association, Kocaeli Universitesi Teknopark, Training, The Philippine Association of Extension Program Implementers (PAEPI), Hong Kong Polytechnic University – Hong Kong Community College and S.D.M.College (Autonomous) Ujire are organising the international drawing contest for youth SMART TRANSPORT SUSTAINABILITY IN THE DAILY LIFE.
The educational contest has the aim to enhance college and highschool students’ creativity and to raise awareness on sustainability issues and the applicability of smart transport technologies in daily activities.
The contest has a large international dimension, joining participants and jury members from North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Which are the regulations of the contest?
The students have to create a drawing or poster size A4 using crayons/pencils/colours/paint or ICT tools (PC/laptop/tablet/smartphone), inspired from the title of the contest. The drawing or poster should express how teenagers understand smart transport advantages in their ordinary life, while considering smart transport as being environmentally-friendly. Posters can be made by individuals or teams of maximum 3 high school / college students.

After a prior local assessment and selection, each college/highschool joining the international competition will submit to the ECSR a number of maximum 5 posters or drawings in Jpeg or PDF format, by email to: by latest date: 12 April 2021.

At the competition will participate highschools/colleges from Argentina, China (Hong Kong), Georgia, Hungary, India, Moldova, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, South Korea and Turkey (one highschool from each country). Highschools from other countries wishing to join the competition are invited to write their intention of participation to the main organiser of the event, the European Center for Social Responsibility, by email sent to in due time before submission deadline of 12 April 2021. The acceptance of participation is made on first come basis, provided that from one country can participate only one highschool or college.

Awards: The main criterion for selection of the winners is the emotional impact that the drawing/poster is able to transmit (the story behind the image). An external assessment of the winners will be made by a high-level international jury, consisting of members connected to the transport sector from Canada, Norway, Nederland, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom etc. Based on the decision of the international jury, the European Center of Social Responsibility will award, as prize of international recognition, one Diploma of Excellence for the best poster/drawing for each participating highschool.

The purpose of the contest is not to identify the best participants among various countries but rather to motivate youth of all nationalities to become engaged in STEM education and to stimulate their knowledge and curiosity related to smart transport and sustainability. Therefore, the number of Diplomas of Excellence will be equal to the number of highschool/colleges participating in the international competition (one diploma awarded for each highschool/college, for the best selected drawing/poster).

Contest calendar:
-10 April 2021: Selection of the 5 posters at high school/ college level
-12 April 2021: Submitting the posters to the contest organiser ( European Center for Social Responsibility, by email
-16 April 2021: Designation of the winners