Frequently Asked Questions

I want to work for the ECSR. Where can I send my resume?

To apply please send us an email with your intention.

What is the difference between a “nonprofit” and an “NGO”?

The term “non-governmental organization” was first coined in the Charter of the United Nations in 1945. “NGO” is most often used to refer to a charitable nonprofit that is operating outside the US. An NGO can be any kind of organization, provided that it is independent from government influence and is not organized for personal profit. In contrast, the term “nonprofit” is the term used in the US to refer to organizations that are structured as nonprofit corporations, whether or not they are also designated as tax-exempt by the IRS.  Read more about the origin of the term NGO

I would like to send a proposal via e-mail to the Secretary-General. What is his e-mail address?

Proposals may be accepted by the ECSR only when they have been submitted by an official representative of a Member State and have been duly entered on the agenda of the Organization and voted on by its members.

Can our nonprofit vote using email?

State law will determine whether or not your nonprofit may take action via an email vote. Many state nonprofit corporation laws require that corporate actions make only take action through methods that allow each board member to “hear” one another or “communicate concurrently” (i.e., conference call or video chat). Consequently, in those states, a vote using email will not be legitimate. Knowing what your state permits is key.